High Quality Durable Design

The OfficeCube is built under a patented cube design and has a complete timber construction. The frame with characteristic rounded corners is made of tropical hardwood. The interior is made of FSC-certified softwood. The facade cladding is from Platowood Vuren. Platowood is a high-quality and sustainable wood product with a very long lifespan of 50 years and comes from FSC®-certified forests in Northern Europe. The wood is platonized, also called hydro-thermal modification, which turns the wood into a high-quality and durable wood product with good dimensional stability. The white-yellow natural color of spruce wood is exchanged for a warm brown color during platonization. Spruce wood is characterized by the presence of knots, resin bags and other small drawings on the wood. All these characteristics ensure that Platowood Vuren has a lively and natural appearance.

Our OfficeCubes are built with high-quality durable materials. Materials with the same quality requirements as in residential construction. Partly because of this, we guarantee a lifespan of up to 50 years. After the lifespan, 95% of the materials used can be reused.

An OfficeCube is built entirely of wood


The outer walls are insulated with wood fiber. Between the facade cladding and the insulation, the Cube is fitted with specialized SIGA fabric for a watertight and vapor-open system. This means that no moisture can enter, but that the Cube does breathe. The walls are fitted with white MDF wall panels on the inside.
All Cubes are distinguished by the use of large windows and doors. We love light and want to create the ultimate feeling of freedom with our Cubes. The insulation values expressed in RC values are as follows: windows 2.2, doors 2.5, other exterior walls 5.1, floor 5.7 and roof 5.3.

Good insulation ensures 50 years of life


Roofing, Ceiling & Floor

The roof covering consists of EPDM foil, wood fiber and PIR insulation. The ceiling is fitted with Agnes ceiling panels. The floor in the OfficeCube is provided with durable and sound-absorbing laminate.

Windows, Doors & Hinges and Locks

The fixed windows and the glass in the doors are equipped with HR++ safety glass. The frames are made of hardwood painted in RAL 7016. The doors are equipped with locks with the KOMO and police certification.

Premium quality hardwood frames


The OfficeCube does not need a concrete foundation. The Cube is self-supporting due to its innovative technical construction. However, it is very important that the Cube is placed level on a solid, solid surface at ground level. A solid, solid surface is, for example, a (terrace) tile floor, grain mix or a screw foundation.


The OfficeCube has a 220V electricity connection point on the outside. With this connection, the entire Cube is supplied integrally with electricity. The Cube has six sockets on the inside. Four wall sockets in the rear and two in the floor.

Design Heater

All OfficeCubes are standard equipped with a luxury design panel heater (Mill NE600WIFI), for instant warmth in cold days. The Mill NE600WIFI has an output of 600 Watts, is 100% silent and has an electronic thermostat. The panel heater can be controlled with the free Millheat App.

Climate Control

For air conditioning we use an advanced system (type Gree, Shark), which is also used in motor homes. In this way we create a perfect indoor climate. The indoor unit is very slim and elegant and hardly takes up any space. Heating and cooling are possible with the air conditioner. The Gree Shark has a cooling power of 2.6 Kw and a heating power of 2.2 Kw.

Glass & Natural Light

Unique to the OfficeCube are the large windows and therefore the amount of light available in the space. Each OfficeCube has more than 8 square meters of double insulated windows creating the real feeling of working outside in freedom. Working outside in lots of healthy daylight and an optimal indoor climate, combined to create the most inspiring workspace.

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