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We are Cube. We build your wooden dream home and office.


At the factory of Cube-Homes In our factory in Swalmen, beautiful wooden design homes are built according to the Cube-principle according to the patented unique design with the well-known curves, self-supporting construction and very high sustainability standards. We now use this many years of experience for the construction of our mini design offices. We have brought together our shared love for luxury design, high-quality timber construction, long life and optimal freedom for the user to live and work in an OfficeCube.


Collaboration, we take that literally. At OfficeCube we work closely with a select number of partners because we want to join forces. These partners are more than just suppliers. They are strategic partners who contribute value to the solutions for our customers with their expertise and high-quality services.

Systemec BV

Systemec is a full-service Internet Service Provider (ISP) and System Integrator with its own data centers in the Netherlands and Germany. Systemec has been offering advanced solutions for Internet access, secure connections and related custom solutions since 1997. Solutions for the small to large business market, which now includes an OfficeCube (Box-As-A-Service). In this, commitment, customization, high reliability and a very high level of service are paramount. Internet, security & data storage issues are now jointly addressed. Issues, which we like to address and discuss in combination with an OfficeCube are, among others, home workers of companies and institutions, with the same quality of IT services and Expansion or IT design of this (temporary) business space.

Mobility partner Fleximo

Fleximo Fleximo advises SMEs in the field of mobility and the new way of working. With their years of experience in providing customers with optimal solutions in the field of car leasing, they have become our partner in thinking about the new way of working. According to owner Thijs Truien: "It is logical that your employees get a lease car as a means of transportation, but times are changing. Opportunities for employers to recruit staff far from their main location are increasing. As an employer, why not give your employee an office at a distance? Instead of, or in combination with a lease car?

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